When it comes to traveling, taking videos are important. These visuals are tools used for sharing the experiences that we had in a new dimension. You’ll feel our emotion, mesmerized by the beautiful view and even feel the thrills that we had in some of our adventures.

As our blog is continually molding into a more robust and consistent identity, we are trying our best to have a fixed format for our travel videos that our readers will surely enjoy. For the upcoming weeks ahead, there will be a change in style on our videos and it will be longer, informative and entertaining. For now, check out our past travel videos displayed below.

Displayed below is our travel videos

  • photo of a free diver Pushing the Limits: Open Water Exposure with Swim Central PH (7/31/2017) - I started this year with a list of things that I need to accomplished. One of which is learning how to swim and conquer my fear of deep water. With big help from Swim Central and its awesome coaches, I was able to triumph over my fear and push my limits. Check out our open water exposure experience at Balai Resort, Anilao, Batangas.
  • Bomod-Ok Falls in Sagada Exploring Sagada: Bomod-ok Falls (6/17/2017) - Little known in the public are a number of beautiful waterfalls in Sagada. One of which is the Bomod-ok Falls located near the communities of Pide and Fidelisan. Check out our adventure video in this beautiful waterfall.
  • Apo Whang Od giving tattoo The Oldest Tattoo Artist of Kalinga (6/12/2017) - This is part 2 of our Kalinga weekly vlog series and it's all about meeting the legendary Apo Whang Od, dubbed as the last mambabatok of Kalinga.
  • Top loading in Kalinga Toploading Kalinga Style (6/11/2017) - Originally uploaded last June 3, 2017, this video shows our amazing experience riding a topload jeep from Tabuk City in Kalinga to Tinglayan.

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