Hike back to turning point in Buscalan Village, Kalinga

The Philippines has a total of 7,641 islands (before it was 7,107) with 81 provinces. A large archipelago nestled before the gargantuan Pacific Ocean with many treasures and places to explore. This section will contain an organize content of my travel guides around the Philippines and abroad. If you find any of this guides helpful, feel free to share it to your friends. This page will be updated regularly.


Click a province to view its available travel guides.


  • Photo of Upstairs Bed and Bath in Baguio City An Affordable Stay in Baguio City: Upstairs Bed and Bath (8/6/2017) - Looking for an affordable place to stay in Baguio City? Then check out Upstairs Bed and Bath and see why most backpackers love this simple yet cozy place.
  • Photo of Sumaguing Cave Entrance in Sagada Exploring the Deepest Cave in the Philippines (7/20/2017) - Sagada boasts a handful of attractions from beautiful rice terraces, majestic waterfalls, wondrous panorama of mountain range and rich culture. Aside from these, Sagada is also surrounded with a number of caves great for spelunking. In fact, you can find the deepest cave in the Philippines here in Sagada!
  • HEADER FOR TRAVEL GUIDE TO APO WHANG OD Visiting Buscalan Village: A 2D1N Budget Travel Guide for less than ₱3000 (5/15/2017) - Apo Whang Od is famously known as the last mambabatok of the Kalinga. Batok is a form of traditional tattoo given to warriors with unprecedented achievement during the early times. Today, travelers not just from the Philippines but all over the world visit her just to have this traditional tattoo as a form of lifetime and meaningful souvenir. But visiting her place is quite challenging. Here's our travel guide.
  • Surfing in Real Quezon Philippines One Day Escape: Surfing in Reál, Quezon for less than ₱1000 (5/1/2017) - One of the best things to do in the Philippines is to surf. Here's our travel guide to Real, Quezon - one of the surfing spots in the Philippines only 3 hours away from Manila!
  • Taking pictures in the garden of Cafe Sabel, BenCab Museum Rediscovering Baguio City: A 2D/1N Quick Escape for less than ₱2300 (4/15/2017) - Baguio City, known as the City of Pines, the Summer Capital of the Philippines, has become a commonplace for tourists and travelers alike. Here's our travel journal from our spontaneous 2 days and 1 night trip in this beautiful mountainous city.
  • Travel Guide: Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad, Benguet (2/6/2017) - Planning to visit Baguio City? Why not go beyond the borders of the city and visit La Trinidad's famous strawberry farm. Here's your travel guide.
  • Self portrait of Dr. Cuanang painting pinto art museum Quick Getaway for less than ₱500: Pinto Art Museum (1/22/2017) - Planning to satisfy your inner artsy cravings? Then Pinto Art Museum is the right place for you. Here's your simple guide to this beautiful art gallery.

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