Kalinga: Land of the Headhunters

Updated: September 12, 2017

Kalinga is a mountainous province located in the Cordillera Administrative RegionTabuk City is its capital and the province is bordered by the Mountain Province to the south, Abra to the west, Isabela to the east and Apayao to the north. Kalinga and Apayao were once a combined province but was divided by the government in 1995 to better serve the people in the said areas.

Tinglayan, Kalinga, Philippines

The people of Kalinga are well known warriors which helped preserve their culture and heritage during the time of Spanish occupation and the second World War. They are also highly skilled in terms of farming which makes it their main source of livelihood. Kalinga is also populated with various tribes and stories of tribal unrest nowadays are viewed as fictitious than real. The province has a mountainous topography covered in tropical rainforests. The lowlands on the other hand consists of large green grass suitable for pasture.

The word Kalinga is an Ibanag word which means “headhunter” which reflects the head hunting tradition of the people during the Spanish colonial time.

Listed below are the travel guides, travelogues and gastronomic journeys we’ve been in the province of Kalinga.

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Photo of Apo Whang Od tattooing a travelerbuscalan kalingaMORE KALINGA


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