The Lost Boy Diary

Not all those who wander are lost”, said from a famous line in an epic trilogy known as Lord of the Rings. Since then, this quote is coined by many travelers alike. Many people wandered and traveled around the globe with different purposes in hand and others just want to travel simply because they want to find themselves. I considered myself lost in the waiting game. Waiting for my breakthrough, new opportunities and the list goes on. I’m human and I am good in making terrible mistakes. Yet those mistakes are like sandpapers ready to smooth out our rough edges. The Lost Boy Diary will contain two things.

First, it will feature some personal thoughts I have ranging from spiritualism to monotony of life. Writing is a form of stress relief for me. I don’t care if people will not read it, at least I am able to convert my feelings into words.

Second, it will feature my humdrums of being a nurse. We face life and death everyday and let me give you a glimpse of the things I see in almost everyday of my life.

You may find this section irrelevant to travel but I assure you that you will receive benefits from it in ways I couldn’t even describe.


  • Baguio City Tour Why Nurses Need to Travel More (5/7/2017) - Happy International Nurses Week to all hardworking superheroes in scrubs and white uniform! Just in time for this special week for our dear nurses, let me share this insight to you. While we are fighting for a better pay here in the Philippines, we should also be aware of the importance of taking paid vacation leaves.
  • Biking in Binangonan Rizal The Muddy Fox (1/13/2017) - After years of hiatus, Blaine met an old friend in Binangonan, Rizal and learned great things from him.


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