Updated: July 4, 2017

It’s the second half of the year and time flies so fast. A little recap about this blog, last December 2016 I decided to return in the blogging world after five long years of hiatus. With a new inspiration at hand, I came up with an idea of creating a new travel blog that will cater to all travel junkies and wanderlusts out there. Despite that I am green and inexperienced, I conquered inquities through consistent self-improvement and continuous learning from different people.

After 4 months of grueling conceptualization, I launched this blog last April 16 of 2017. Initially, it garnered 200 page likes on my Facebook page and roughly 500 followers on Instagram. It was a tough start but I still believe that big things come from small beginnings. Analyzing this blog’s stats and insights, I find out that majority of my viewers are men. As the weeks go by, this blog starts to form its own character and identity. A travel blog with great thirst for adventure and thrills. Thus, the second revision of “Blaine is Lost” is born.

Adventure Now. Adrenaline Up.

From inept to dexterous, these are the perfect words that would describe the transitions that I have in the past 6 months. In a short span of time, I learned and conquered a lot of things which hinder me in living a life of adventure.

I found more love in aquatic activities such as surfing and swimming, I engaged myself more in the outdoors through hiking in different places and opened myself even more through social interaction with different people in various places I visited. The first half of the year is truly impactful and I am excited for the upcoming adventures in the next 6 months.

The New Philosophy

With the new philosophy of “Blaine is Lost“, I encourage my readers to follow the same principle. Adventure Now. Adrenaline Up. Do you have any fear or setbacks that you need to conquer? If so, conquering one’s fear needs a lot of patience and effort but the key to conquering our limits is through self-discipline.

Imbibing this new principle, the content of this blog will be filled with more adventures, challenges and stories with thrills than ever before. Get ready because together, we will discover the lion in us and the conqueror within.

Follow me all throughout my social media accounts and let’s live a life full of adventures.

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