Updated: February 6, 2017

Issue No. 1

Hi, my name is Blaine Chrian! You can call me Blaine for short. I am a hema-oncology nurse by profession currently residing in the Philippines. Most of the time, I am working in a hospital taking care of cancer patients. In my free time, I am an educator, traveler, photo and video hobbyist, and blogger.

I’m currently new in this travel blog niche and I do believe that big things come from small beginnings. I was an introvert and I always enjoyed being alone. I’m just an ordinary person who lived inside my comfort zone. Surprisingly, there are so many things that I haven’t done in life like riding a plane, surfing, visiting a remote island, beach bumming and the list goes on. I’m a terribly dead kid, inept and green, but my perspective have finally changed. It’s time for me to do things out of the ordinary and step up the game.

I was a blogger before and I wrote majorly about street photography. I received a number of recognitions from it but I entered a period of hiatus due to personal reasons.

Almost five years of rest, I think it’s time for me to return with a new inspiration at hand and be more adventurous. “Blaine is Lost” will contain my travel narratives and guides from recent and past journeys including foods that I tried and some personal thoughts I have. All I want to do now is to get lost, travel, discover, learn, share, inspire and repeat the whole process. I may be a newbie in this industry but I’m full of heart and excited to explore new things in life.