Mountain Province: La Montañosa


Picture of Mining town of Fidelisan, Sagada
The mining town of Fidelisan in Sagada, Mountain Province

Updated: September 12, 2017

Mountain Province is located in the northern part of the Luzon Islands in the Philippines nestled in the upper territories of Cordillera Mountain Range. It is bordered by the lower lands of Isabela on the right and Ilocos Sur on the left. This mountainous province is home to the famous municipality of Sagada which is well-known for many tourist attractions like the hanging coffins in Echo Valley, cave connections of Lumiang and Sumaguing, and many more.

In Samoki Bridge going to Coda Bus Line, Bontoc Mountain Province
Crossing the Samoki Bridge in Bontoc, Mountain Province with colorful tricycles on the left – a common form of transportation in the province.

The province’s capital is Bontoc and most of the people’s income came from small-scale mining and farming. The climate is cool especially at night due to its location and altitude. The roads going to this province are considered perilous due to its tortuous path with landslide prone areas. Nevertheless, many travelers visit this place because of the cool climate, amazing culture and tribal heritage, marvelous rice terraces (Maligcong, Barlig, Fidelisan and many more) and tall mountains (Mt. Fato and Mt. Kupapey).

During the Spanish era, the spaniards call this place La Montañosa which reflects its mountainous terrain.

Picture of Fidelisan Rice Terraces
Fidelisan Rice Terraces, Sagada, Mountain Province

Listed below are the travel guides, travelogues and gastronomic journeys we’ve been in Mountain Province.

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