About the Blog

“Blaine is Lost”  is a personal/travel blog based in the Philippines built for adventure-seekers and wanderers at heart. It is filled with audacious travel narratives, compelling photography, helpful travel guides, gastronomic food journeys and reflective life journals based from the author’s general experiences.


Get Lost. Travel. Be Found.


Discover and Visit All 81 Provinces of the Philippines!


Blaine is Lost Logo


The minimalistic logo has three elements. First is an electrocardiograph (ECG) tracing showing normal sinus rhythm. In an ECG tracing, each normal sinus rhythm displayed means one complete heartbeat and this symbolizes life, excitement, adrenaline rush and new paths to tackle.

The second element is the map marker which means adventure, discovering new places and learning new things in this world. Lastly, the circle symbolizes eternity. Traveling and learning is an endless process.

Blaine Chrian


This blog is authored by Blaine Chrian, a registered nurse both in the Philippines and United States. Currently residing in the pearl of the orient seas, Blaine is working as an oncology nurse for five years and spent most of his time taking care of patients diagnosed with cancer. In his free time, he is an educator, travel writer, blogger, photo and video hobbyist.

Blaine is Lost” will contain his travel narratives, guides, foods he tried and some personal entries about general life experiences. It will also contain the intricate details of his travel videos posted on YouTube.

For collaborations, ads, sponsorships, donations or you wish to send a message, feel free to contact him through his Contact Page.

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Official blog hashtag for social media:

#BlaineisLostPH #LostinPH #LostIn… indicate Name of Province (ex: #LostInCebu)

“Be Strong and Courageous

Do not be frightened nor be dismayed,

For the Lord your God will be with you, wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:9


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