Stressed? Then this is the Perfect Staycation For You

Living in the city is quite exhausting at times. The traffic in Manila is tiring, the pollution amplifies the stress and even meeting deadlines can really drive us crazy. Wait! Pause for a while. Breathe and relax. Maybe it’s time for you to have a break. Go on and take a rest because you deserve it. Looking for a staycation near Manila? Well I have the right place for you.

Photo of El Masfino Hotel and Resort Entrance

A Beautiful Paradise at the Heart of Bulacan

This is El Masfino Hotel and Resort, a four-star luxury hotel situated at the heart of Bulacan. It is located inside Royal Northwoods Golf and Country Club in Coral na Bato, San Rafael. Driving an hour or two from Manila can get you in this fantastic wonderland. I think this is the perfect place for a staycation ideal for bonding with friends and family away from the hustle of the metro.

A week ago, together with the other bloggers, we were invited to visit this amazing place and had a blissful experience up north.

This is a 3-part review of El Masfino Hotel and ResortIt will showcase the best attractions of this place, the costs and our experience. Read along and feel as if you’re part of this memorable staycation.


Photo of El Masfino Hotel Pavilion

The Pavilion

Upon entering the resort, we were greeted with this grandiose pavilion. The staffs here are congenial and they all welcomed us with a warm smile. From here we started checking in to our hotel room and prepared ourselves for the tour around the place.

Photo of a deluxe hotel room in El masfino Hotel Bulacan

Our Hotel Room

As we enter our deluxe hotel room, I was amazed on how spacious and cozy it is. Normally, this room can accommodate up to 2 persons. Since we were triple-sharing, an extra bed was provided. The extra bed was small yet comfortable. Even with the additional bed, there’s still plenty of room for other things.

The design is both contemporary and Mediterranean-inspired embellished with warm lighting which amplifies its look and comfort. Our room was located at the ground floor of the hotel and its gigantic window offers a scenic view of the swimming pool with mixed foliage. There’s also a flat-screen television on the wall connected to a cable system which provides entertainment to its guests. A minibar can also be found inside the room offering different kinds of refreshments. The wash room on the other hand has hot/cold shower which I think is important.

Photo of Suite Room in El Masfino Hotel and Resort in Bulacan

The Suite Room

If you want to upgrade your overall experience, a luxurious suite room is available for you. Their suite rooms are located on the 3rd floor of the hotel. It has a living room, dining area, kitchenette, master bedroom and a comfort room.

Aside from its elegant design and generous size, there is also a balcony in this room which provides the stunning panorama of El Masfino Hotel and Resort.

NEXT PAGE: A Resort Filled with Fun Activities


4 thoughts on “Stressed? Then this is the Perfect Staycation For You

  1. Sounds like the perfect break from life in the ultra crowded ,noisy and annoying cities


    1. Yes it is! A Great place to relax and unwind 🙂


  2. Indeed a very relaxing retreat. I hail from software industry and pressure is always way too high here. We definitely need this kind of retreat now and then where we can just the comfortable rooms admiring some views outside, or in the pool, with some delicious food of course 🙂


    1. Yes Neha, the place is truly comfortable. Perfect for unwinding from the demanding environment of the office.


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