The Hike to Bomod-ok Falls

This is a 3-part travel journal which tells the story of our hike going to the Bomod-ok falls in Sagada, Mountain Province. It narrates about the people, their way of life, culture and heritage, norms and our experience in dipping in that deep cold plunge pool of the waterfall. Read along and feel as if you are part of this memorable adventure.


  1. Page 1 – Reaching Bangaan
  2. Page 2 – Culture, Gold Mine and the Rice Terraces of Fidelisan
  3. Page 3 – The Majestic Bomod-ok Falls and the Hike Back to Aguid Road

Sagada is well known for its vibrant culture and has a lot of amazing places to see. Among these beautiful attractions are the hanging coffins in Echo Valley, cave connections of Lumiang and Sumaguing and, the Kiltepan peak offering breathtaking panorama of the morning sun. But it is less known in the public that this mountainous municipality has a lot of majestic waterfalls including the Bomod-ok falls.

Reaching Bangaan

Bomod-ok falls is located at the northern tip of Sagada near the communities of Pide and Fidelisan (often called as “Pidilisan“). For this trip, our tour coordinators from Travel Galore Philippines provided a van for our transportation in exploring the amazing municipality.

We left from our homestay around 0745H in the morning and let the windows of our van opened and felt the chilly morning wind as we bolted to barangay Bangaan. The climate was comforting and the air was totally clean comparable to Manila. At the jump-off point in Barangay Bangaan, we met our tour guides going to Bomod-ok falls. Our guides offered some briefing on what to expect for this trip and gave some safety tips during the hike. We need to hike for an hour in order to reach this amazing waterfall and they assured that all efforts are worth it in the end.

A photo of women buying hiking items in Sagada
Our ladies bought some fancy hats in a small store near the jump-off point

There’s also a small store near the jump-off point selling cheap hiking items like hats and small bags. From the jump-off point, we started our hike at 0815H.

The Breathtaking View of Pide and Fidelisan

It was an easy hike. While walking along the trail I conversed to one of our tour guides. Ma’am Alice, is a mature woman in her mid 40s with sun-kissed skin and great big smile. She shared some stories about the hiking experiences of their past visitors and they were entertaining. There were visitors who accidentally slipped in slippery paths, visitors who traveled all the way to Sagada because they were brokenhearted and many more.

Picture about the beginning of our hike going to Bomod-ok falls

Sharing stories and experiences is a great diversion during the hike; it makes long walks fun and easier. Once we passed the shrouding trees, the scenery was uncovered and it was breathtaking.

Landscape photo of Barangay Fidelisan in Sagada
Seeing from afar is the mountainous village of Fidelisan

I was in awe when I saw this landscape. It was stunning. You can clearly see the paved trail descending to the small barangay of Fidelisan. This shot was taken at a height of 200 meters from the barangay.

Alice told me that the nearest maternity clinic is located in Bangaan. There was once a pregnant local in Fidelisan who’s about to give birth. She climbed from her home in Fidelisan all the way up to Bangaan, reached the nearest maternity clinic and born her new child without any effort. My eyes grew wide open as I heard that story. The people here are strong and I admired their acquired strength. We moved forward a few meters and more beautiful sceneries were unveiled.

Hike to Bomod-ok falls in Sagada

Picture of breathtaking view in Sagada

A photo of rice terraces in Sagada

A photo of rice terraces in Sagada

A photo of rice terraces in Sagada

A photo of rice terraces in Sagada

The whole community is surrounded with green rice fields in stair-like terraces and the mountains enveloped the place like a guard protecting the people he most dear. There’s also a bluish haze of clouds and fog which extends in the horizon, and trees dominating in the land giving fresh air to breathe. I will never grow tired of watching this marvelous sight everyday in the morning if I have a chance to live in this dreamy place.

NEXT PAGE: Culture, Gold Mine and the Rice Terraces of Fidelisan


18 thoughts on “The Hike to Bomod-ok Falls

  1. Cool! That photo with the blue sky is what has taken my eye. I remember the views of some of the mountains I climbed. It was exhilarating but the moment you see what you came after, everything will be fresh. Stunning photos btw 🙂 You got great eye!


    1. Thank you so much! Our country is such a beautiful place and there are so many things to explore and capture with our cameras. 🙂


  2. The views while hiking are beautiful and so is your destination Bomod Ok Falls. There is something crazy about these falls. I too love them. And hats off to that pregnant lady! Wow, they are actually stronger.


    1. Thank you for your time reading this post. The whole place is truly beautiful and heavenly and I admire the strength of the people in this mountainous province 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow! This is beautiful! Another place to add to my bucketlist! 😀 😀


  4. I saw your friends and thought that they aren’t dressed appropriately for the hike, but then again, who am I say what other people can or cannot wear haha…

    Anyway the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. Never been to Bomok-Od because it was not included in our itinerary, but given a chance to go back to Sagada I will make some time for it.


    1. Haha I think they are comfortable with it and had no problems in anyway during the hike. I will surely react if someone would wear high heels for a hike like this HAHA.


  5. Wow. I cant wait to go back to Sagada. I visited Sagada way back 2004. It was so serene. It is really interesting to see what are the changes.


    1. Wow! That was really a very long time haha. Yep, you should visit them again. For sure you’ll notice the changes they have.


  6. Gorgeous views! Add to that your guide’s stories. This is indeed a trek worth doing!
    Trying to imagine the bravery of the pregnant woman!


    1. Haha yeah! I was also amazed on that story which makes me love my mom even more 🙂


  7. The views are really stunning. Particularly those of the rice fields with the staircase pattern. Your description is making me want to head to such a fresh air location right away

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Neha! I also want to go back in this place and have a break. The scenery is so good and relaxing! 😀


  8. What a beautiful journey that you have experienced here. I haven’t been to Bomod-Ok Falls, but I heard a lot of good stories abut this place. I find it so interesting to get yourself into nature and just embrace its innate beauty. Your photos are really stunning as well. I’ll surely pen this on my bucket list and use your blog for a future reference. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I highly recommend this place, it offers stunning scenery and the hike to that waterfalls is truly eye-catching! You’ll surely enjoy and love this place 🙂


  9. that story about the pregnant woman taking that walk to the maternity village is incredible. my eyes popped too as I was reading your post. I think we forget how strong we can be when faced with the only choice. Stunning scenery too.


    1. Thanks Brenda, I love hearing incredible stories like this from different places I visited. Yes, we sometimes discover that we are capable of doing something if we were only left with a single choice.


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