Exploring Sagada: Bomod-ok Falls

Weekly Vlog 003: Exploring the Bomod-ok Falls

Sagada is well known for its vibrant culture, cool climate, interesting burial practices and many more. This is the part one of our Sagada Vlog Series which will be uploaded for 3 Saturdays starting June 17, 2017 upto July 1, 2017.

Little known in the public are a number of beautiful waterfalls in this mountainous municipality. One of which is the Bomod-ok Falls located near the communities of Pide and Fidelisan.

Hike to Bomod-ok falls in Sagada

Reaching the majestic waterfalls requires a one-hour hike which offers breathtaking views of the community. These mountain villages are surrounded with green foliage, rice terraces and a comforting climate.

Rice Fields in Bomod-ok Falls

It is also part of the hike to cross these hectares of rice fields and terraces which is absolutely stunning. Farming is one of the community’s source of income due to its conducive climate for planting and harvesting different kinds of root crops and vegetables.

Picture of Bomod-ok falls in Sagada Mountain Province

Amid the long hike, seeing the beautiful Bomod-ok Falls is totally rewarding. Check out our video blog posted below:



2 thoughts on “Exploring Sagada: Bomod-ok Falls

  1. We love the chance to see beautiful waterfalls and a one hour hike is definitely worth the effort to get to this place.


    1. Yes it is! After all the effort, everything is worth it 😀


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