Weekly Vlog 002: Meeting Apo Whang Od

This is part 2 of our Kalinga weekly vlog series and it’s all about meeting the legendary Apo Whang Od, dubbed as the last mambabatok of Kalinga. Because of her, the traditional batok is alive up to this day. After our top load experience, we started our two hour hike going to Buscalan Village.

Climbing down Buscalan Cliff

The hike was both memorable and perilous because we need to brave a ravine called the Buscalan Cliff and climb thousand flight of stairs going up to the village which is estimated at around 1,500 feet. Tired from arduous long travel, we felt rewarded from the amazing scenery of the place.

Apo Whang Od

Our exhaustion was even more eliminated when we met Apo Whang Od herself and received their well-known traditional tattoo. Here’s our video about this experience:

For more details, check out our travel story here: https://blaineislost.com/2017/05/11/meeting-apo-whang-od/

If you want to visit this beautiful place, you can also check our travel guide here: https://blaineislost.com/2017/05/15/travel-guide-to-buscalan-village/



  1. What a memorable experience. Is this a place you want to go back to? I would never want to leave. Well, 1000 stairs is a bit much but totally worth it.


  2. This would be such an amazing experience. I bet you were sore the next day from the hike. All those stairs I would never want to see a set of stairs again.


    1. Good thing I am into physical fitness and I sore a little on the next day. The only problem that I have was the pain in my newly inked tattoo haha. I can’t lie on my back on the first night haha


  3. You had quite an amazing adventure. That hike looks perilous but you must be glad to have braved it. I am not a fan of tattoos but sure love hiking and adventurous travel.


  4. This sounds like an amazing experience as well as adventure to meet Apo Whang Od. It really would be an awarding experience to receive the traditional tattoo from her. Thanks for sharing the video and your experience.


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