Rediscovering Baguio City: A 2D/1N Quick Escape for less than ₱2300


  1. Page 1 – Late Dinner & Upstairs Bed and Bath
  2. Page 2 – Beyond the City Tour (Tuba, La Trinidad)
  3. Page 3 – Roam the City (Our Itinerary and Budget Expenses)

Day 2 – February 3, 2017, 0730H – Mines View Park

Our short Baguio City trip is about to end yet we still have many places to visit. From Upstairs Bed and Bath, we took a cab and went to Mines View Park – a famous tourist attraction located at the northeastern outskirts of the city.

Mines View Park in Baguio City

Mines View Park in Baguio City

The last time I visited this park was more than a decade ago and there were so many improvements that took place in the park. The park is now gated and the path going to the view deck is paved with bricks. Shopping for souvenirs are now located at the western part of the park.

The observatory deck overlooks the mining town of Itogon and it’s still majestic. We visited this place at around 0730H and the number of travelers visiting the place were few.

Strawberry Taho in Mines View Park, Baguio City

Strawberry Taho in Baguio City

With the Strawberry Taho Vendor in Baguio City

We also tried their tasty strawberry taho. Similar to the strawberry ice cream in La Trinidad Strawberry Farms, the taste was so heavenly.

Entrance to Good Shepherd Convent - Baguio City

From Mines View Park, we walked a few meters going to Good Shepherd Convent and bought delicacies like strawberry jams and peanut brittles – a popular buy in the city.

Ketchup Food Community in Baguio City

Ladies waiting for their orders in Canto Restaurant Ketchup Food Community Baguio City

February 3, 2017, 0900H – Breakfast at Canto Restaurant

From Good Shepherd Convent, we took a cab and went to Ketchup Food Community for breakfast. We ate at Canto Restaurant and the place is both simple and elegant. Click here to know more about Canto Restaurant.

Chilling out in Starbucks Coffee - Camp John Hay

February 3, 2017, 1030H – Chill Time at Starbucks Coffee Camp John Hay

After having our breakfast at Canto Restaurant, we went to Starbucks Coffee at Camp John Hay. This is the most homey branch of Starbucks I ever visited.

Chilling out in Starbucks Coffee - Camp John Hay

The coffee place looks like a house mostly made from wood and the location is surrounded with tall pine trees with cool breeze circulating in the area. Sipping hot tea with the view of the pine trees on site with cool winds rushing on your skin is a relaxing luxury worth experiencing.

Checking out in Upstairs Bed and Bath Baguio City

February 3, 2017, 1200H – Check Out

We went back to Upstairs Bed and Bath and checked out. Since our bus going to Manila will leave at 1600H, we asked favor from the staff to keep our belongings for we still have ample time to roam around the city. Good thing they accepted our request then we started wandering.

February 3, 2017, 1200H to 1500H – Free Time

The rest of our stay was spent on buying souvenirs, foods and things we need. We explored around SM City Baguio, sailed the lake in Burnham Park and had late lunch in Tea House Restaurant and Bakeshop in Session Road.

Enjoying our moment in Burnham Park Baguio City

Great Food at Tea House Restaurant and Bakeshop - Baguio City

Click here to read more about our experience in Tea House Restaurant and Bakeshop.

Our 2D1N Baguio Trip Itinerary

Day 0: Departure from Manila
  • 1800H: ETD from Victory Liner Bus Station
  • 0000H: Arrival in Baguio City Philippines, Late Dinner at Good Taste Restaurant (You can also take your dinner in some bus stops along the way. Victory Liner Bus to Baguio has 2 stops, 1 from Motorway Tarlac and the other is in Sison Bus Stop in San Juan, La Union)
  • 0100H: Check in Hotel/Accommodation of choice

SM City Baguio View Deck

Day 1: Beyond Baguio City Tour (La Trinidad, Tuba)
  • 0700H: Visit Baguio Cathedral
  • 0800H: La Trinidad Strawberry Farm (Sight seeing, strawberry picking, photo ops, tasting their famous strawberry ice cream and souvenir shopping in the nearby stores)
  • 1000H: Brunch at Calajo Restaurant (Located near the Strawberry Farms, just a few meters away)
  • 1120H: Visit “Valley of Colors” (You can also visit the Bell Church located near the Valley of Colors)
  • 1300H: Visit BenCab Museum (Know about the history of the Cordilleras, view amazing artworks and have late lunch at Cafe Sabel located at the ground floor of the museum.)
  • 1600H: You can either go back to your accommodation and take some rest or if you still have some enough energy, you can visit the Tam-Awan Village and have rest later on.
  • 2000H: Dinner at 50s Diner
  • 2100H: Visit Baguio Night Market (Explore the famous market at night. Buy some souvenirs and useful stuffs at an affordable price.)
  • 2230H: Spend the rest of the night at Baguio Craft Brewery (Enjoy the best tasting draft beers in the city.)
  • 0000H: Return to accommodation and lights off.

Street selfie in Camp John Hay, Baguio City

Day 2: Roam Around the City
  • 0700H: Visit Mines View Park and order goodies and delicacies in Good Shepherd Convent.
  • 0900H: Breakfast in Ketchup Food Community (You can choose any restaurants around the area. We tried – Canto Restaurant)
  • 1030H: Chill time at Starbucks Coffee in Camp John Hay
  • 1200H: Check out
  • 1300H-1500H: Free time (Explore SM City Baguio, buy books at Mt. Cloud Bookshop, roam around Burnham Park, late lunch at Tea House Restaurant and Bakeshop in Session Road)
  • 1600H: ETD to Manila
  • 2200H: ETA in Cubao Station of Victory Liner.

Trip Expenses

Day 0: Departure to Manila
  • Bus (Regular Aircon) from Cubao (Victory Liner) to Baguio City – ₱445/person
  • Late Dinner at Good Taste Restaurant – ₱380/4 persons – ₱95/person
  • Transportation:
    • Cab from Bus Station to Good Taste – ₱60/4 persons – ₱15/person
    • Cab from Good Taste to Upstairs Bed and Bath – ₱50/4 persons – ₱12.5/person
  • Accommodation:
    • Upstairs Bed and Bath for 2 Nights – ₱400/night – ₱800/person
Day 1: Beyond Baguio City Tour (La Trinidad, Tuba)
  • Transportation:
    • Jeep from Baguio City to La Trinidad Strawberry Farms – ₱9/person
    • Jeep from Calajo Restaurant to Valley of Colors – ₱7/person
    • Jeep from Valley of Colors to Baguio City – ₱7/person
    • Jeep from Baguio City to BenCab Museum – ₱11/person
    • Jeep from BenCab Museum to Baguio City – ₱11/person
    • Cab from Upstairs Bed & Bath to Glenn 50s Diner – ₱50/4 persons – ₱12.5/person
    • Cab from Glenn 50s Diner to Night Market – ₱60/4 persons – ₱15/person
    • Cab from Night Market to Baguio Craft Brewery – ₱80/4persons – ₱20/person
    • Cab from Baguio Craft Brewery to Upstairs Bed and Bath – ₱80/4persons – ₱20/person
  • Food:
    • Brunch at Calajo Restaurant₱350 – ₱87.5/person
    • Late lunch at Cafe Sabel₱250 – BenCab’s Chicken Paprika
    • Dinner at Glenn 50s Diner: ₱155
    • Drinks at Baguio Craft Brewery₱180
  • Establishment:
    • BenCab Museum Entrance Fee: ₱120/person
Day 2: Roam Around the City
  • Transportation
    • Cab from Upstairs Bed and Bath to Mines View Park – ₱80/4 persons – ₱20/person
    • Cab from Mines View Park to Ketchup Food Community – ₱50/4 persons – ₱12.5/person
    • Cab from Ketchup Food Community to Starbucks Coffee Camp John Hay – ₱60/4 persons – ₱15/person
    • Cab from Starbucks Camp John Hay to Upstairs Bed and Bath – ₱80/4 persons – ₱20/person
  • Food
    • Breakfast at Canto Restaurant: ₱190
    • Chill time at Starbucks Coffee Camp John Hay: ₱150
    • Late Lunch at Tea House Restaurant and Bakeshop: ₱135.50
  • Other Expenses
    • Delicacies and Pasalubong: ₱200
  • Bus (Regular Aircon) from Baguio City to Cubao Bus Station (Victory Liner) – ₱445/person
TOTAL EXPENSES: ₱3,460.5 or ₱2,217.5 (Excluding Food Expenses)

Summary and Tips at Hand

This trip might be short and spontaneous yet we had a great time exploring the Summer Capital of the Philippines. Baguio City is a great place to visit for a quick escape from the busy lifestyle of Manila. Here are some of our tips at hand:

  • Going beyond the city will let you discover new places like the Strawberry Farms in La Trinidad or BenCab Museum in Tuba.
  • It is best to roam around the city on foot since most establishments are near to each other.
  • Taxis are available and they offer cheaper fares than in Manila.
  • Opting for a cheap alternative, then riding a jeep is the best option for you. Just ask the locals around for direction in case you want to visit places outside the city.
  • Wear comfortable clothing in the middle of the day. It gets really warm especially at noontime.
  • Bring your jackets. The night is colder than you think and wearing a jacket is an added layer of protection against the freezing cold climate of the city.
  • Always keep yourself hydrated. Exploring the city on foot is quite taxing especially when you become dehydrated. Always bring your water bottles with you.
  • Always bring a small bag. In traveling, you might be bringing a big 30L to 40L backpack full of clothes and things you need for the next days of your trip. Of course, you will not be bringing your heavy bags with you during the tour. Keep your main bag on your hotel room or accommodation. Bringing a small bag is helpful in exploring the city without the excess weight.
  • Prune down food serving. The servings are huge here in Baguio. Always order what you can eat and avoid having leftovers. In case you have leftovers, take it out and give it to the people in need.
  • Reservations are king. It’s better to reserve things in advance prior to any trip or activity. There are a lot of travelers visiting the city everyday and full accommodation is a common problem. Always reserve your accommodation in advance, it’s better this way than letting yourselves stay in the street braving the cold night.
  • Book your bus tickets online. Victory Liner offers online reservation. Similar to the previous point, booking in advance will let you avoid falling in long lines or becoming a chance passenger.
  • Have an open mind and be responsible. We are all visitors in this place, be sensitive and respect their culture, values and norms. Avoid throwing trash and be responsible.

City of Baguio, Benguet, Philippines

If you find this post relevant or helpful, feel free to share this to your friends. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Rediscovering Baguio City: A 2D/1N Quick Escape for less than ₱2300

  1. Strawberry ice cream is really something that no one should miss when visiting La Trinidad farms.

    Di ko knows yung Cogcoga. Akala ko bundok lang nandoon.


    1. It was an unexpected turn haha. We discovered a high-altitude community filled with joyous and enthusiastic people 🙂


  2. Baguio will always be my second favorite city after Legazpi City, Albay where I grew up.

    Nakakatuwa kasi Good Taste din ang una kong hinahanap pagbaba ko pa lang ng bus sa VLiner. Fresh and generous!

    Nakacheck in na din ako sa Bed and Bath kaso I really don’t prefer dormitory styles at di ko bet CR nila. Though it’s cheap and very accessible sa down town.Pero last time we were there to ask tariffs, pogi yung front desk lols!


    1. I went to Legazpi City last 2011, I think it’s time to revisit your home city again 🙂


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