Great Food Trips in Baguio City 2017

Calajo Restaurant

Calajo Restaurant Entrance in La Trinidad

This restaurant is not located in Baguio City; yet, it’s still worth to visit. Calajo Restaurant is located just a block away from the famous La Trinidad Strawberry Farms.

Inside Calajo Restaurant

Calajo is a popular restaurant in La Trinidad. It’s a family business ran by Danny and Eunice Wong, and its origins started since the 1980s from a small eatery into a establishment known for its delicious Filipino food and indigenous Cordillera dishes.

The place feels homey and the interior was embellished with native Cordillera designs. Calajo is also known for its baked goodies and delicacies indigenous in the region.

Calajo's Chopseuy in La Trinidad, Benguet

Learning from our experience in Good Taste Restaurant, we ordered their chopseuy (a Chinese cuisine made up of mixed vegetables and various meats such as chicken, pork or beef) for 3-4 persons, and the serving size is just right for us. You will never be wrong in trying their vegetables here in Benguet, because they are all fresh and delicious.

Pinikpikan and Chopseuy in La Trinidad, Benguet

Try Pinikpikan – a Native Cordillera Dish

We also tried an indigenous Cordillera dish known as chicken pinikpikanPinikpikan is a traditional form of cooking by the native Igorots. It is done by beating the chicken continuously with a stick until its meat is bruised with blood. The blood infused within the meat provides a distinctive flavor. The broth is also mixed with tamarind and fresh vegetables, and the taste is quite similar to sinampalukang manok (a soup-based chicken with tamarind). The chicken tastes a little bitter due to the cooked blood in some corners.

The process of pinikpikan may sound a bit disturbing for some people, but this method is a form of ritual to our natives in the Cordillera region. They perform pinikpikan in certain local occasions, and it has a lot of symbolic meanings. It serves as a prayer to their ancestral gods for guidance before the start of the planting season. It is also performed to drive away pests in the farm. This method is sacred, and only the people of the Cordilleras can do this.

Overall, we spend less than PHP 400 (USD 8.00) in Calajo Restaurant; and we were all satisfied. After a great tour in the strawberry farms, try visiting Calajo and have a taste of great Cordillera dishes.

Calajo Restaurant

Hours: 9AM to 7PM

Address: Km4, Halsema Highway, La Trinidad, Benguet, Philippines

Contact: (074) 422 1219



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