Great Food Trips in Baguio City 2017

Updated: September 30, 2017

My friends and I had a 2-day short trip in Baguio City last February of this year; just to break away from stress in our workplace. One of the best things to do in Baguio City is to have a food trip.

Experiencing Great Food in Baguio City

The city is nestled inside Benguet province, and it is common to find vegetables in every meal in this region. I was also surprised on how cheap and sumptuous their food were. For example, a group of 4 could spend more than a thousand pesos for a group meal in Manila. On the other hand, in Baguio City, we tried one restaurant and had a smorgasbord of great Filipino dishes for less than PHP 500. Take note, we weren’t able to consume everything because the servings were surprisingly huge.

Ladies waiting for their orders in Canto Restaurant Ketchup Food Community Baguio City

Truly, food trips around Baguio City is delightful and worth it. Read and see the restaurants, and great dishes we tried in the summer capital of the Philippines.

Lazada Philippines



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