People of the East Will Love This New Food Park

Together with my friend Angela, we tried this one and only food park in the east of Manila.

Updated: January 27, 2017 | April 19, 2017

Food parks are becoming a trend in alternative dining in the Philippines. It offers a variety of culinary goodness ranging from exemplified Filipino street foods to sumptuous meals with sure quality and affordability. The number of food parks are increasing dramatically over the past few years growing out like mushrooms anywhere. Since most of the best tasting food parks are located in Manila, how about for the people living in the countryside in the east?

The People of the East

The east of Manila refers to people who lives around Marikina, parts of Pasig City, Antipolo City and the province of Rizal. They rely mostly on light rail transit (LRT) for transportation. Most of these people love to stay in the east because of its stress-free environment and traveling to Manila is quite hectic if they opt for other food parks.

The One and Only Food Park in the East

Food deastrict the only food park in Rizal

Well, fret no more. There is a newly opened food park located near Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall in Cainta, Rizal. It opened last November 2016 and Food dEASTrict is the one and only food park in the east.

One day, I was on my way to work when I suddenly saw this newly opened food park. Together with my friend Angela, we decided to visit this place and have a taste of their best lineups.

Food choices in Food Deastrict Manila, food park

The design is quite similar to other food parks in Manila. The food stalls look like a collection of food trucks and the whole park is enveloped with metal roofings. There are also speakers scattered all around the park playing top-chart music worldwide which adds up to its energetic ambiance. The lighting is also warm and even. I think it is best to visit this place at night, perfect for social gathering with friends while enjoying the smorgasbord of culinary urban goodness.

My friend and I surveyed the whole food park first and selected a handful of food stalls with the most riveting design and appetizing meals to offer.

frankly speaking - franks, lettuce and tomatoes - food deastrict, manila

frankly speaking - franks, lettuce and tomatoes - food deastrict, manila

Frankly Speaking

This is Frankly Speaking’s franks, lettuce and tomatoes or FLT. It is BLT-inspired and it comes with fresh tomatoes, crunchy lettuce with cheddar cheese on top. It is served with fried fries and a ketchup-mayo dip. For only PHP 148 (USD 2.98) you’ll enjoy this delicious frank sandwich. The taste is really good and its juiciness is just right. The serving is also enormous which is good for sharing too.

Double decker black - monster burger in food deastrict manila

Double decker black - monster burger in food deastrict manila

Weightlifting Burgers

This is Weightlifting Burger’s (before it is called Monster Burgers) unique and best-selling meal, the Double Decker Black, twice the fun with double patty, cheese, relished with mixed vegetables covered in charcoal bun. This jawbreaking burger gives a flavorful explosion at first bite. For only PHP 179 (USD 3.50) you’ll have a big mouthwatering burger sandwich partnered with custom-flavored fries.

Food choices in food deastrict

Colorful Goodness

For our dessert we tried The Color Run from Popffles PH, a colorful waffle drizzled with chocolate syrup, mixed sweets and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top for only PHP 165 (USD 3.30). We also ordered the Zesty Tonic from Juice Co for our drink, a combination of cool lime and cucumber juice, for only PHP 120 (USD 2.40).

Bloggers in Food Deastrict Manila

We enjoyed our short stay here in Food dEASTrict. There are a variety of choices that will surely satisfy your cravings. We went home with a filled tummy and a heart full of shared stories.

Food dEASTrict

Address: Lot 3 Block 3 Felix Avenue corner VV Soliven II, Cainta, Rizal, Philippines

Contact: +63927-453-9988

Food Park Hours: Sundays to Thursdays (4:00PM to 12:00AM), Fridays and Saturdays (4:00PM to 2:00AM)

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