We Had an Amazing Deal at Gumbo Philippines

After a stressful day at work, my friends and I had a great time with good food in Gumbo. We also had an amazing deal and saved PHP 500!

It was a stressful day in the hospital when my friends and I decided to comfort ourselves with a taste of good food. Our workplace is surrounded with many great choices to satisfy our cravings. We opted to explore Robinson’s Magnolia, situated along Aurora Boulevard near St. Paul’s University in Quezon City. Famished and tired, we decided to delight ourselves with the best tastes coming from New Orleans in Gumbo American Restaurant.

I take the Light Rail Transit (LRT) train for transportation everyday. Every time the train passes, I always spot Gumbo’s large signage peeking right through the glass walls of Robinson’s Magnolia. I oftentimes wondered about their offers and its best-sellers. Finally, the time has come for me to try something new.

The staffs were accommodating and surprisingly, since it’s a weekday, there were no other customers inside the restaurant. The price range in their menu seems a little bit pricey for us but the staff who assisted us offered their latest promo. For only PHP 999 (USD 20) we can have 2 entrées and 2 appetizers good for 4 people. Eager to try something new, we accepted the deal and made out our choices.

Warm Ambiance and Good Food

Gumbo Restaurant Philippines interior design

It was almost 4 in the afternoon when we reached the place. We had a hectic day in the hospital and skipping lunch is a normal thing for us; we get used to it overtime. The sun was almost setting and its golden light perfectly enhances the ambiance inside Gumbo American restaurant. The blending of colors is relaxing, just right to ease the stress we had.

Ladies ordering food in Gumbo American Restaurant

The restaurant is also positioned right at the corner of the mall and the whole dining area is enveloped with glass walls. You could see the view of the train tracks from the LRT and the occasional passing of trains as you enjoy your sumptuous meal.

Our excitement increased dramatically as our orders arrived at the right time.

Mardi gras salad, Gumbo American Restuarant

Buffalo wings from Gumbo Restaurant Philippines

For the appetizers we ordered Mardi gras salad, a colorful dish mixed with fresh vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes and red onions poured with sour vinaigrette, pepper and olive oil. We also had buffalo chicken wings and its spice and saltiness is just right.

Grilled chicken limone from Gumbo Philippines

Gumbo American restaurant appetizers

One of the entrées we ordered is this grilled chicken limone and it came up with 2 free sides, mixed vegetables and mashed potato. The chicken breast were both creamy and zesty.

Ahh Jambalaya paella from Gumbo Philippines

We also included one of Gumbo’s bestsellers on our entrée and that is the Ahh… Jambalaya. This is New Orleans’ answer to paella with seafood, andouille sausage cooked with Cajun spiced long grain rice. This was my personal favorite, the spiciness was evenly distributed in its long grain rice which made it flavorful.

For only PHP 999 (USD 20) we enjoyed our 2 appetizers and 2 entrées. We saved around PHP 500 if we’re going to order each separately, a very good deal indeed!

The serving was also plentiful. We were only three in the group so we failed to consume everything because of its enormous serving size. We spent almost 2 hours inside Gumbo American Restaurant sharing stories from the hustles of our everyday work. Bottomline, we concluded the day with good food, great conversations and full of heart.


American Restaurant

Address: Level 3, Robinson’s Magnolia, Aurora Blvd, corner Doña Hemady St., Quezon City Philippines.

Contact number: +632 720 9632

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